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keiomobile2 password authentication method

Windows 8

  1. Open [Control Panel] – [Network and Internet] – [Network and Sharing Center]
    ※How to open [Control Panel]
      Windows8: [Win] key + [R] key - [Run] then enter "control panel"

  2. Click [Set up a new connection or network].

  3. Select [Manually connect to a wireless network] and then click [Next].

  4. Fill out the network information as following.

    Network name: keiomobile2

    Security type: WPA2-Enterprise

    Click [Next].

  5. When the connection is added, [Successfully added keiomobile2] window opens. Click [Change connection settings].

  6. On [keiomobile2 Wireless Network Properties] window, open [Security] tab and click [Choose a network authentication method] - [Settings].

  7. On [Protected EAP Properties] window, check [Trusted Root Certification Authorities] - [Security Communication RootCA1] .
    Check [Select Authentication Method] - [Enable Fast Reconnect], then click [OK].
    ※ If you can't find [Security Communication RootCA1], please try again after Windows Update.

  8. On [keiomobile2 Wireless Network Properties] window, click [Advanced settings].

  9. On [Advanced settings] window, check [Specify authentication mode] and select [User authenticaion]. Click [Save credentials].

  10. On [Save credentials] window, enter your ITC account "yourITCaccount@user.keio.ac.jp" and "password" which was issued for wifi connection in the previous step.
    Then click [OK] on all windows.

  11. keiomobile2 connection is established, you can check current connections on the right side of task bar.

Last-Modified: January 21, 2020

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