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About keio.jp

For keio.jp, please also see [Contact] .
Send inquiries for each type of application usable with keio.jp to a different recipient.
Please refer to [Applications].

For inquiries about "CanvasLMS", Click here.
Please select "K-LMS(CanvasLMS)に関して / About K-LMS(CanvasLMS)" in the "Inquiry" section.

Help Desk

This desk receives inquiries from faculty members concerning rental PCs, and services such as Network Access in Faculty/Research Office that Hiyoshi ITC provides.
Please remember that it cannot provide assistance concerning machines and services other than those provided by Hiyoshi ITC.
It also gives support for the Keio Single Sign-On System (keio.jp).

Hiyoshi ITC Help Desk Day of week Open Hours
Extension 32819
Weekday 9:00 - 11:00, 12:00-17:00
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays Closed

Inquiries to the office

Please refer to Site Map for all service details such as software licenses/accounts, etc.

Location: Information Technology Center (ITC), Seventh Building B1F, Hiyoshi Campus
Open Hours: Please check .

Inquiring by email

Questions or opinions about all services provided by Hiyoshi ITC.

Inquiries that involve your having to confirm your ID (for example, when changing passwords) cannot be handled by e-mail. Please come to the office.

Email address

Questions or opinions about all services that Hiyoshi ITC provides
Examples: Specific places where it is difficult to connect wireless LAN/ Wi-Fi connection services
Specific problems with installed PC
Incorrect information on a Web page etc.

※Answers to questions may be delayed due to the content of the question and the time it is received.

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