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Keio University GakuNin System

To users of Keio University GakuNin System

What is Keio University GakuNin System?

Information Technology Center (ITC) will provide the Keio University GakuNin System from October 2014.

The GakuNin is a federation of universities and others of higher education and research institutions, as well as institutions that provide electronic information services to them. In other words, when a large number of universities and other organizations provide a unified authentication mechanism to a large number of service providers (including general companies) after agreeing to a unified account management policy, users of universities and other organizations will be able to easily use a large number of services; accordingly, service providers will be able to easily provide services assuming that they are users of universities and other organizations.

The Keio University GakuNin System is a system for Keio University to participate in this GakuNin.

When accessing an external information service that supports GakuNin, the screen for logging in will open to select the organization you belong to. Select "Keio University [Japanese]" or "Keio University" to open the Keio University GakuNin System screen, where you can enter the authentication information for your Keio University account.(Currently, ITC account and Keio ID are supported.) After successful authentication, the user can use the external service.


The system also features a single sign-on function that allows users to use other GakuNin-compliant services without having to re-authenticate within a certain period of time after this authentication.
Services include a variety of systems such as e-journals, e-learning systems, and information sharing systems. For more details, see the list of available services.

Keio University GakuNin System and Privacy

A concern with such a system would be privacy issues, including personal information.

GakuNin is designed and operated in such a way as to protect personal information.
In addition, the Keio University GakuNin System provides a function to obtain user approval when sending attribute information about the user to the service provider; furthermore, the system uses a username system that makes it difficult to guess personal information such as email address, name, and student ID number. For more information on the username system, click here (Japanese article).

The server that performs authentication is managed by Keio Information Technology Center (ITC), and authentication information such as user IDs and passwords required for login are to be entered only on that server. It is technically impossible for the information service provider to know information on them. (However, in the case of services that require personal name or email address information for use, such information will be sent with the user's authorization, but such services are very rare.)

Users who can use the Keio University GakuNin System

The Keio University GakuNin System is for students and faculty members affiliated with Keio University and Graduate Schools, and staff members of Keio’s affiliated schools (with some exceptions). Currently, students, pupils, and faculty members in integrated schools are not eligible.

Accounts that can be used for authentication on the Keio University GakuNin System

There is no dedicated account for using the Keio University GakuNin System. You can log in with your existing account.

Currently, the following two account systems of IDs and passwords are available on the login screen of the Keio University GakuNin System. For users who can use multiple system accounts, service providers will recognize them as the same users no matter which account they use to log in.

  • ITC Account
    Account for logging in to the PC rooms provided by ITC (except for Shonan Fujisawa Campus)
  • Keio ID
    Account for logging in to keio.jp

However, even if you have any of these accounts, users who are not included in the aforementioned available users will not be able to use the services.

Both types of accounts will be available on the GakuNin system from the day after the ID is made available. In addition, users who have never logged in to keio.jp since December 2013 cannot log in with their Keio ID and password. (Once you log in to keio.jp, you will be able to use the system from the next day.)


For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact us at the following e-mail address.

Last-Modified: May 8, 2023

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