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keio.jp User's Manual

If you are a correspondence course student, please check here for keio.jp manual.

A. What is Keio Single Sign-On System (keio.jp)?

Keio Single Sign-On System (keio.jp) authenticates you to use online services operated by Keio University safely and conveniently. keio.jp is the general name for Keio Single Sign-On System.

B. keio.jp and the Keio ID

The Keio ID is the ID used to access keio.jp.

Keio ID The ID used to access keio.jp. The ID is in email address format.
Example: keiotaro@keio.jp
The Keio ID acquired before March, 2015 (like the following) is also usable.
Example: keiotaro@xx.keio.jp

To access keio.jp, you start by obtaining a Keio ID.
This process is called activation.

C. What applications are available on keio.jp?

  1. Google Workspace
    It is a set of services that Google provides for educational institutions and that lets users comprehensively use functions such as Email (Keio Mail), Calendar, Group, and Online Storage.
  2. Academic Affairs Web System
    This system provides essential services for students such as class registration etc.
  3. Class Support
    A system used for study materials distribution to students, classroom message boards, and submitting/acceptance of reports, etc.
  4. Education Support System
    The Education Support System consists of a broad range of educational functions. Students may use the system to browse course descriptions, syllabi, and timetables.
  5. Box
    Members who have valid keio.jp account can share files on this system.
  6. Webex
    This is a web conferencing service provided by Cisco. It makes meetings more efficient by sharing documents, agendas, notes and recordings in a convenient and accessible online meeting space.
  7. Software Licensing Center
    Some software licenses (for which Keio has licensing agreements with corresponding software vendors etc.) can be obtained online.
  8. Wireless LAN connection setting
    Authenticated Wireless network connection is available at each campus.
  9. KOSMOS My Library
    You can search books and periodicals in each Keio University library and check their availability.
  10. E-Journals/Databases
    From outside campus, you have access to a part of e-journals and database.
  11. Web-Based Courses for IT Utilization
    Introductory videos on how to use some useful software such as Windows and Office Products are available online.

Last-Modified: May 12, 2021

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