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Open Area for Self-Study on the Basement Floor of the 7th Building

There is an open area dedicated to self-study (Study Space with PCs, 702A and 702B) on the basement floor of the 7th Building. There are 52 seats in total, but there are relatively few users and the environment is quiet and calm. For information on hours of use, please click here.
The open areas are characterised by the following features

  • All seats are independent and partitioned. Each person has a wide desk (120 cm) and a comfortable chair.
  • Each seat is equipped with a desktop PC, which can be used with an ITC account.
  • Wireless LAN connection is available, so you can also bring your own computer or other equipment. For information on how to connect, please click here.
  • Two PCs with scanners connected are available in the Study Space with PCs. See here for precautions and instructions on how to use the scanner.
  • A printer (1 unit) is located in the Study Space with PCs by the Help Desk. Photocopying is also available. This is a chargeable printing service that can be easily operated via a touch screen. For more information, click here.
  • A help desk is located in the Study Space with PCs. Basic questions on how to use the installed PCs and printers, network connections, etc. are accepted.
    There are times when this service is not available.
  • You can speak during online classes at the Study Space with PCs, but not at 702A and 702B.
    A camera is attached to the PCs in the Study Space with PCs.
    Please bring your own earphones/headset to connect to the PCs. They are not available for loan. Wireless types with Bluetooth connection cannot be used. Please use a wired type.

Study Space with PCs





Help Desk

Last-Modified: May 8, 2024

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