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FAQ (Unix System related)

When you cannot remote login to Unix

In order to login to Unix using your ITC account, it is necessary to turn the Unix functions to ON. Turn it ON from [Change Password] on the installed Windows PC desktop. Look here for details about the setting method etc.

A Unix function you have added can only be used until the end of the academic year, so to use it in different years, add the function in the same way.

The host name is either login00.user.keio.ac.jp or login01.user.keio.ac.jp.
The host name is either login00.user.keio.ac.jp or login01.user.keio.ac.jp.
※ The expression, [0-9], means which number from 0 to 9.

When you cannot start Firefox

When you try to start Firefox from an X window such as ASTEC-X, "The process is left or Firefox is already started"
You may not be able to start by displaying a message of.

Detailed explanations and how to handle them are summarized as FAQs on the Science and Technology ITC web page.
Please refer to the following page.

When you try to start Firefox, it says "already started" and Firefox can not start.

When you cannot see the terminal when you log in with ASTEC-X

Even if you start an X server such as ASTEC-X and log in, the terminal may not be displayed.
As the cause, home directory usage may have reached the limit.
Like PCs, Linux home directories have a 3GB usage limit.

About using Linux home drive

It is necessary to delete and move the created file in order to reduce the used space.
Login with PuTTY or Teraterm is possible, so please work according to the following usage manual.

How to organize Unix home directory

Necessary files can be moved to Windows home drive, USB memory etc using WinSCP.
Also, if you have Keio ID, you can save online using Google Drive / BOX.

Last-Modified: July 18, 2019

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