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About "Keio Apps ID"

Keio Apps ID

Keio Apps ID is the ID you use to utilize services of G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education). You can do the following with Keio Apps ID.

  • G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) services now permit a method of use in collaboration with other members.
    (It is used when making settings for collaborative use.)
    Specific examples:
    1. "Drive": Sharing files with other members (mutually viewing or editing).
    2. "Group": Confirming contents submitted in the past in a Group you participate in (using archive function).
    3. "Calendar": Sharing schedules with other members (mutually viewing or editing).
  • Can even be used as an email address.
    In this case, email that has reached a Keio ID email address also reaches a Keio Apps ID email address.
    As an email address, it can be used with both Keio ID and Keio Apps ID (The user can decide which to use.).
  • Can also be used as a keio.jp login ID.
    When doing so, the password you enter is the same as your Keio ID password.

Object and time of use

  • Any person able to use Keio mail can, in principle, use it.
  • During a period when it is possible to use Keio mail, it can be used.

About ID name

To confirm Keio Apps ID, see "Keio Apps ID: ID confirmation method".

  • "@keio.jp" is attached to the ID name.
  • (Persons who obtained a Keio ID in and after March 2015): ID name is the same as the Keio ID.
  • (Persons who obtained a Keio ID by February 2015): It is prepared by the system based on the ID name of Keio ID (persons who changed it by February 28, 2015 are requested to use the ID after the change).

Last-Modified: March 2, 2020

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