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Wi-Fi password issuance/confirmation : When using keio.jp

  1. Start your web browser, and enter https://wifi.keio.jp/ to the URL.
    If you cannot access the above page from your own device, please access it from a PC installed at the ITC on your campus.
    Enter your Keio ID and password and click the [Login] button.

  2. Click the [Start use] button, then your keiomobile2/eduroam password is created.

  3. Click the [Password display] button to check your keiomobile2/eduroam password.

  4. Click part of [Wi-Fi user name] or [Wi-Fi password] to display it. Click it again to undisplay.
    This [Wi-Fi user name](WiFi connection user name) and [Wi-Fi password](WiFi connection password) will be required for further setup procedures.

  5. After confirming the above, click the [Logout] button. Then continue to set up keiomobile2/eduroam.

Last-Modified: March 14, 2017

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