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New wireless network connection "keiomobile2"

June 1st of 2011
Hiyoshi ITC

Since June 1st of 2011, new wireless network service (keiomobile2) has started as test-run at Hiyoshi Campus. It is available for tablets and smartphone access. KEIOMOBLE is on service as well.

Service area

  1. Service available in a whole building
    Third Building
    Fourth Building, Section A, B & Independence Wing
    Sixth Building
    Eight Building
    Collaboration Complex
    Sports Building
    Cafeteria Building
  2. Service available in a partial area of building
    Second Building
    Seventh building
    Hiyoshi Library
    Fujiyama Memorial Hall
    Student Union Building

The service area will be expanded during the test-run. Except above listed buildings, access cannot be guaranteed because of network constructions.

Please check the following website and follow the rules.

[Instructions on Use of PC Rooms]

Since keiomobile2 has been released as test-run, the service might stop for the emergency or a long time.

Please refer the following website to know more detail about keiomobile2.

NOTE: keiomobole2 can be used by only those who can use keio.jp.

[keiomobile2 manual]

Last-Modified: October 14, 2011

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