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Maintenance for Networking Device on Hiyoshi Campus [August 14, 2024-August 26, 2024]

Due to network device replacement on Hiyoshi Campus, the network(both Wireless and Wired LAN) will be down during the next period.

Maintenance schedule

作業日時/Maintenance date 影響場所/Impact range
8/14(水/Wed) 9:00~11:00 横浜初等部/Yokohama Elementary School
13:30~14:30 陸上競技場附属施設棟/Building attached to athletics field
14:30~16:30 協生館/Kyosei-kan 6F
8/16(金/Fri) 9:00~11:30 協生館/Kyosei-kan 3F、5F
協生館4F北側 (KBS教室、階段教室1、PC室等)/Kyosei-kan 4F North side(lecture hall 1, PC room etc.)
11:00~16:30 協生館藤原洋記念ホール / Fujiwara Hiroshi Hall
13:00~16:00 協生館/Kyosei-kan 2F
16:00~17:00 協生館/Kyosei-kan B1F
8/18(日/Sun) 9:00~10:00 普通部/Futsubu School
10:30〜11:30 協生館/Kyosei-kan 7F
11:30〜12:30 協生館3Fサーバ室/Kyosei-kan 3F Server room
協生館4F南側 (KBS階段教室2,3,4、図書室等)/Kyosei-kan 4F South side(lecture hall 2,3,4, library etc.)
13:00~17:00 (*) 協生館全域, 西別館1,2/ Kyosei-kan all area, West Annex1,2
Network will be interrupted several times between 13:30 and 17:00
13:30〜14:30 協生館/Kyosei-kan 1F
14:30〜16:00 協生館/Kyosei-kan B2F
8/19(月/Mon) 9:00〜12:00 第4校舎A棟/Fourth Building, Section A
13:30〜16:30 第6校舎/ Sixth Building
8/20(火/Tue) 9:00〜16:00 第4校舎B棟(J11,J14,J19,J21,J24,J29,32,33,39,ゼミ3,4)/
Fourth Building, Section B(lecture hall J11,J14,J19,J21,J24,J29,32,33,39,seminar3,4)
11:30〜12:30 西別館1,2/West Annex1,2
13:00〜14:00 購買施設棟/University Co-op
8/21(水/Wed) 9:00~12:00 第7校舎/Seventh Building
13:30〜16:00 課外活動棟/Student Union Building
15:30~17:00 食堂棟/Cafeteria Building
8/22(木/Thu) 9:00~10:30 第2校舎/Second Building
10:30~12:00 第8校舎/Eighth Building
13:30〜16:30 メディアセンター/Hiyoshi Library
15:30~17:00 スポーツ棟/Sports Complex
8/23(金/Fri) 9:00~15:00 日吉記念館/Hiyoshi Commemorative Hall
15:00~16:00 スポーツ医学研究センター/Sports Medicine Research Center
16:00~17:00 保健管理センター/Health Center
8/25(日/Sun) 9:00~17:00 (*) 日吉キャンパス全域(協生館,西別館,高校,普通部,横浜初等部含む)/
Hiyoshi Campus all area (Including Kyosei-kan, West Annex, Senior High School, Futsubu School, Yokohama Elementary School)
Network will be interrupted several times between 9:00 and 17:00
9:00~12:00 第7校舎 B1F機械室/Seventh Building B1F machine room
8/26(月/Mon) 9:00~10:00 高校/Senior High School
10:00〜11:30 第3校舎/Third Building
13:00〜14:00 体育館/Gymnasium, Judo and Kendo Hall
13:00〜15:00 第4校舎B棟/Fourth Building, Section B

*1 Working time may be changed.
*2 Inquiry: Hiyoshi KIC

We apologize for inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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