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Help Desk

The Help Desk accepts basic questions about responding to trouble, operating methods, and network connections concerning PCs installed on Hiyoshi Campus.

Locations: Seventh Bldg. basement floor lobby / Media Center 1st and 2nd floors / Fourth Bldg. Independence Wing 1st basement DB110 / Fujiyama Memorial Hall 1st floor F11
※Depending on the schedule, there may not be anyone on duty.

Depending on the content of the question, answer may be delayed or it may be handled by the Hiyoshi ITC office desk (Seventh Bldg. basement floor).

For inquiries (for faculty members), look here .

Office desk


Information Technology Center (ITC), Seventh Building B1F, Hiyoshi Campus

Services and hours

内容 Weekday Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday
ITC Account application confirm to Open hours
of Hiyoshi ITC office
Closed *
keio.jp applicaton
Equipment trouble in PC rooms
Question and Consultation about PC rooms
receipt of the Lost and Found
PC rental
applicaton of software license purchase 8:45 - 17:00
Other, Paperwork associated with submission of documents
  • In case of university class day, confirm shedule.
  • Before submitting your inquiry, please refer to Site Map for all services and FAQ .
  • Please understand that questions about services other than those that Hiyoshi ITC provides cannot be answered.
  • When submitting an inquiry to Hiyoshi ITC, make sure to have your ID and provide the information when requested.
Personal ID Students Student ID card
Faculty members

Please show one of the following.

・ID card issued by Keio University
・Keio University health insurance card
・Photo ID issued by a public organization

Inquiring by email

Inquiries that involve your having to confirm your ID (for example, when changing passwords) cannot be handled by e-mail. Please come to the office.

Email address

Questions or opinions about all services that Hiyoshi ITC provides
Examples: Specific places where it is difficult to connect wireless LAN/ Wi-Fi connection services
Specific problems with installed PC
Incorrect information on a Web page etc.

※Answers to questions may be delayed due to the content of the question and time it is received.

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