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Storing Data Using Google Drive File Stream

Users who are able to use G Suite on keio.jp can use Windows Explorer to display, search or save files on Google Drive.

  • This feature is also available on PCs installed at ITCs.

  • Currently, there is no capacity restriction.

Using the feature on a PC at an ITC

This example describes a case where a user uses Google Drive on a PC installed at an ITC.

  1. Click [Google Drive File Stream] in the Windows Start menu.

  2. The "Sign in to continue to Google Drive" screen appears. Enter your Keio ID in the [Email or phone number] field and click [Next].

  3. The keio.jp login screen appears. Log into the system entering your keio.jp account information.

  4. The following message appears at the right bottom of the screen. Wait a while.

  5. You can close the window when the following screen shows up.

  6. Right-click on the Windows Start menu at the bottom left and click [Explorer]"

  7. Confirm that Google Drive File Stream (herein after G Drive) is displayed.
    Double-click on the G Drive to display "My Drive" and "Team Drives."


  • Deleted files will move to the recycle bin in the G Drive.
    The files in the trash can will be completely deleted 30 days after they moved to the trash can.
    The trash can is not displayed in the G Drive.Log into the drive from the web browser to access the trash can.
    Reference: Logging in to Google Drive

  • You are also disconnected from the G Drive when shutting down or signing out of Windows on the PC you used at an ITC.To use the G Drive again, perform the procedure described above again.

Last-Modified: August 31, 2018

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